Individual Strength & Conditioning


Who Is this for?

Are you looking to become a better athlete or simply get in shape? 

Suburban FC has partnered with FLIP ATLANTIC to offer this unique service to all our members! This service will focus on individualized strength and conditioning designed by the Founder, Owner and Lifestyle professional of FLIP ATLANTIC, Jerret Laycock. If you are looking for individual training and want to gain an athletic edge on the field or work towards your fitness goals, this is for you! 

To learn more, please CLICK HERE for FLIP ATLANIC's Homepage to read more about Jerret and his company.

If you are looking for the specific services that FLIP ATLANTIC has to offer and contact information, please CLICK HERE

Please note that this service is independently run. You can contact Jerret for additional information if you are interested. CLICK HERE



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Office Address:
59 Damascus Rd (Bedford Commons)
Bedford, NS B4A 0C2

Mailing Address:
PO Box 44078
Bedford, NS, B4A 3X5

Phone: 902-832-6824

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